MICHELLE LANG is an actress, producer and writer who is most known for her role as Linda Lee, Bruce Lee's wife, in the 50 episode television series “The Legend of Bruce Lee.” Michelle is the founder and CEO of RBL (pronounced “rebel”) stands for Relaxation Based Lifestyle. RBL is a multi-media and lifestyle company dedicated to making your life more relaxing through storytelling, laughter and insight. RBL is the parent company of RBL Publishing (which incorporates upcoming books by Michelle and other emerging authors), RBL Studios (overseeing entertainment projects of which Michelle is a director, producer and/or actress) & RBL Fitness under which Michelle runs the Relaxation Based Swimming Method. 

A graduate of Northwestern University’s acting program with a concentration in business, Michelle is a talented actress and an incredibly savvy producer of several award-winning feature films. In 2013, Michelle produced and starred in Lost on Purpose, written and directed by the Nelms Brothers, which co-starred Jane Kaczmarek, C. Thomas Howell and James Lafferty. The movie, a drama about the challenges and the beauty of living in a small dairy farming community, won multiple film festival awards across the U.S. including Best Film, Best Directors, and Best Actress for Kaczmarek.  Following the success of Lost on Purpose, Michelle played the title role of “Nastenka” in Strangely in Love, alongside newcomer Jemuel Morris. The film, which Michelle also produced, was directed by Sundance Award Winning Filmmaker Amin Matalqa, and is a whimsical take on Dostoevsky’s classic tale White Nights. The film also starred Amanda Plummer (Pulp Fiction), Sean Carrigan (“Young and Restless”). In 2015, Michelle played a small role in Waffle Street, which re-teamed her with Lost on Purpose filmmakers Eshom Nelms and Ian Nelms in addition to actors James Lafferty and Dale Dickey.  The film, which also co-starred Danny Glover, is an adaptation of the James Adams memoir of the same name, which follows a former billion dollar hedge fund manager turned waffle house waiter on his journey of redemption through an unlikely friendship. The film received several Best Feature awards at nationwide film festivals and was a top reviewed performer on Netflix.

On Small Town CrimeMichelle pulled double duty. While supervising the production, Michelle also acted alongside Academy Award® Nominee John Hawkes as “Tina,” an ex-girlfriend of Hawkes’ character. In addition to Hawkes, Small Town Crime also stars Golden Globe® Nominee Anthony Anderson, Academy Award® Winner Octavia Spencer, Academy Award ®Nominee Robert Forster and a deep bench of supporting talent including Clifton Collins, Jr., Michael Vartan, James Lafferty, Caity Lotz and Dale Dickey. Small Town Crime was showcased on several “Must See” and “Best of” Lists including the New York Times, Rolling Stone, Fandango, and IndieWire for its World Premiere at the 2017 SXSW Film Festival. The film also received rave reviews from Variety, Ain’t It Cool News, and The Hollywood Reporter and was released by Saban Films in 2017.

Most recently, Michelle's production company, RBL (Pronounced "rebel") STUDIOS produced the independent TV series Everyone Is Doing Great. The show is created by writer/director/actor James Lafferty and writer/actor Stephen Colletti and also stars Alexandra Park ("The Royals") and Cariba Heine ("Home and Away"). Michelle re-occurs in the series as "Elizabeth Mitchel.” RBL Studios is currently developing several projects including and an adaptation of the novel Saving Angelfish a children's film Goober Jump and a chilling feature film, The Caul.

RBL Publishing’s first book: A Mermaid’s Guide: Empower Your Child in Water and in Life shows how to plant the right seeds for your child to become a strong, joyful swimmer. Author Michelle Lang created and taught her unique Relaxation Based Swimming Method around the globe, in over 10,000 lessons, for a wide variety of high-profile clients including Hollywood’s biggest celebrities (Kim Kardashian West, Simon Cowell and Sarah Michelle Geller among others). Now, her unique and highly sought-after method is available to everyone. 

RBL Publishing, a subsidiary of Lang’s company RBL, released A Mermaid’s Guide in May 2019. The book is now available on Amazon.com, at Barnes & Noble and in other bookstores everywhere. For more information click HERE or visit www.relaxationbasedlifestyle.com.

Michelle lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two kids.